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About Morris & Broms, LLC

Morris & Broms, LLC was established in 1954 by Al Morris and Nils Broms as M & B Tool and Die. In response to customer needs stamping presses were added and the company focus expanded from producing stamping dies for others to also running production stampings in-house. In 1958 M & B moved to its current location and changed its name to Morris & Broms, Inc.

Over the years Morris & Broms evolved into a full service precision sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping and machining facility. In 1999 Nils Broms sold the company to long time employees James Hines and Michael Archambault. At that time the company was renamed Morris & Broms, LLC. With the enthusiasm of new ownership the growth has continued since that time. Many of our customers choose us because we offer "one stop shopping".

One Fortune 500 customer in particular chose Morris & Broms to furnish several hundred manufacturing jigs used in their molding process. We were chosen specifically because of our ability to fabricate and weld the sheet metal parts, machine the aluminum and plastic components and perform the required assembly work all in-house. Being able to perform the wide variety of work required allowed us to have direct control over quality and scheduling.

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Fabricating Department:
  • CNC turret punch presses (2), 30 ton capacity
  • Punch presses (2), 30 ton capacity
  • Press brakes (6) to 8' - 100 ton
  • Shears (2) to 10' - 10 gauge
  • Welding stations (5)
    MIG to 250 amps
    TIG to 300 amps
  • Spot welders to 40 KVA
  • Slip rolls to 48" - 14 gauge
  • Notcher 8 3/4" - 11 gauge
  • Hardware insertion presses
    manual and automatic
  • Cold saw cut-off machines
    manual and semi-automatic
  • Rollers, 6 foot x 14 gauge
Stamping Department:

Still your one source for metal stampings. We'll take your most difficult project from blueprint to finish including all secondary operations. Because we look at every job individually, we can give you the best possible results at the lowest price.

  • Power Presses
    • 15 ton (4)
    • 25 ton (2)
    • 35 ton
    • 40 ton
    • 60 ton
    • 120 ton
  • Foot Presses (16)
  • Roll Feeds
  • Air Feeds
  • Scrap Choppers
  • Stock Pans and Pay-Out Reels
Tool Room and Machining Department:
  • CNC Milling Machine Travel 30" X, 15" Y, 6" Z
  • CNC Wire E.D.M.Work Piece 18" X, 12" Y, 6" Z
  • Lathes to 12" x 40"
  • Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Drill Presses (10)
  • Tapping Machines (3)
  • Band Saws, horizontal and vertical
  • Surface Grinders (2)
  • Bridgeport Milling Machines (5)

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